• Pilar Sharpe

Three Valley Lake Chateau & 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town-BC Canada

Canada Highway #1, BC Canada

Summer holidays 2019, on our way to #Kelowna we brightly stopped here to take a few photos. Let's clarify that at this time we didn't stay or walk through this place.

As per their website #ThreeValleyLakeChateau Ltd. & #ThreeValleyGapHeritage Ghost Town is conveniently located on the Trans Canada Highway #1, 19km west of Revelstoke, B.C. Our resort is a great mid-way stop between Calgary, AB & Vancouver, BC.

As a photographer I love old buildings and for sure this Hotel has an amazing view from the road. I would love one day to photograph this place, like I said we stopped by just for few photos of the lake and the hotel from the outside.

“Looking at their website's photos this place looks interesting, it is definitely in our bucket list for the future .”

This Lake View is stunning!

My Son and I jumped out of the car for a quick selfie.

Are you planning to visit Thee Valley Lake ? please leave us a comment or if you already visited please tell us what was your favorite part.

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Samsung Note 9:

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Smartphone rig:

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