• Pilar Sharpe

Mission Hill Winery

Kelowna, BC Canada

Summer Holidays 2019, while in Kelowna Mom suggested visiting a #Kangaroo Farm, I don't know what everybody else though about this but I imaged a open field with Kangaroo running around. I was wrong this real farm is well set up for this animals.

“ Animals are born who they are, accept it, and that is that. They live with greater peace than people do."
― Gregory Maguire

Did you know how Kangaroo are born? I didn't until we visited this farm, I was very happy to see how they could run around and interact with people. We could also pet them, employees make sure to tell everybody their rules and keep the animals safe.

This farm not only offer the joy of seeing animals but also has a beautiful land escaping, you will find a concession on site, lots of seating areas around the farm, ponds and one of the most beautiful animals in the world "Precooks".

We sat and have lunch, watched animals running around and the weather was great.


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Samsung Note 9:

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