• Pilar Sharpe

Marina Park- West Kelowna

Kelowna, BC Canada

Summer holidays 2019, at this time we finally made it to our destination. We couldn't wait to drop off everything and run to the beach. Our closet beach was Marina Park in West Kelowna, a very quiet and beautiful spot.

This amazing little spot also has a play area for the little ones. A long the Marina we enjoyed a long walk in the evening, the sun set was beautiful.

“One thing that we noticed a part from the humidity, lol was how clean the air feels when you breath in.”

Even though the water was really cold the kids enjoyed every minute, Dan couldn't eve let the water pass his knees, lol

We visited Dan's parents, sister, nieces and nephews, it was so nice to see everybody together.

We had the opportunity to celebrate Bella's 13th Birthday, thanks Mom and Don for organizing dinner and having a cake for Bella.

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