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Log Barn in Armstrong-BC Canada

Armstrong, BC

Summer holidays 2019, we finally plan our holidays as you can see the five of us head to Kelowna to visit relatives. On our way there we already decide that the Log Barn in Armstrong was gonna be our first stop. We have stop by in other opportunities but for sure we had to show all the kids all the cool stuff this place have to offer.

The Log Barn is located in Armstrong, for us is 5 hours and 53 minutes from Calgary. it indefinably took us longer, when you travel with kids more than likely you will stop a few times a long the way. According to Google The Log Barn 1912 is a unique Agricultural Farm based business that started in 1994 along highway 97A, in the small farming community of #Armstrong, British Columbia.

If you are passing through or visiting close by you should stop and visit, you will find an amazing farm with a cool wooden building. As you drive in you will see some status such as dragons, elephants, tigers, dinosaur and others animals. One of their main attractions are the #goats walking along a bridge and the coolers thing is you will be able to feed them. For about $0.25 cents Canadian you will find a feeding machine on site. To keep this animals safe it is prohibited to provide any other type of food.

“This place is one of a kind, make sure to take your time here, look around, take lost of pictures and enjoy.”

As you can see in our photos you will find a huge selection of items, from food, candies, ice cream, souvenir and more. Lots of unique and delicious items to choose from, but our favorite part was to feed the goats and enjoy the candies we purchased.

The Log Barn also has a small play area outside, couple of year a go we had the opportunity to see horses on site but at this time they were not around. We are looking forward to see what the new management will bring to this place.

Are you planning to visit Armstrong area? please leave us a comment or if you already visited please tell us what was your favorite part.

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